To fully live,   
to fully love,
to get close to someone,
Is to become vulnerable
and risk getting hurt.
But to stay in my shell
where I feel
comfortable and safe
is a greater risk by far—
For to risk nothing
is to risk everything.
Instead of living fully
I'll be dying slowly
And never will discover
the joy of loving nor the high
achievement of becoming
all that I was mean 

Unsung Songs

 How many songs never sung,       
poems never written,
pictures never painted,
risks never taken,
bridges never crossed,
romantic words never spoken...
locked inside a lonely heart
the prison of another’s making...
are left unexpressed
because somebody
shamed us, abandoned us,
or perhaps silenced us
with a cruel word,
a thoughtless deed,
and said or just implied
we were not good enough,

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A Strategy For China Market Consulting
A strategy is a plan. It's a plan that's more or less formulated to carry a specific goal right to the end. Many industries and their corresponding sectors contain countless working professionals who formulate and/or develop strategies to achieve their business goals. It's so common that having a strategy of any kind in a business is important.

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strategy for the burgeoning market in China 

Explaining how to 'conquer' the business markets in China today is the goal of many China marketconsulting experts. It's especially important to them since, well, they're responsible for providing advice to business executives and their employees, particularly when they want to move their operations to China. China is known as a rather challenging market to crack, though it's also an increasingly important market to Western-based companies.

Their economy became the second largest world economy within the past few years, even expected to overtake the United States as 'the largest global economy by 2020.' Its growth is so strong that it's expected to consistently grow throughout the next decade. Thanks to this, global businesses need to understand how to enter the Chinese market to take advantage of its present opportunities.

A China market consulting expert can help you create a strategy for China
Without a dedicated China market consulting expert, breaking into the Chinese market can seem difficult for many companies, particularly if they hold little to no experience doing business there. Market consulting experts make it their job to help business professionals find solutions to 'conquering' different markets around the world.

With China's burgeoning market, many consulting experts can provide business professionals the advice they need to properly wade China's growing markets. Perhaps the most important thing China market consulting experts can do involves helping businesses identify their target market in China.

By identifying their market after examining the make-up of the population, a business executive can understand where to concentrate their marketing operations. A lot of Chinese market activity, as an example, operates in accordance to the province and industry where certain businesses reside.

China's population of 1 billion opens up the possibility of a near infinite amount of market opportunities. Although a population of 1 billion may seem like it hosts relatively homogenous markets, it's actually a lot more diverse than most think.

 Not only is the population divided by social factors, but also economic factors that affect how people there actually react to the economic and social situations within the country.

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