Fighting for life against Wilson's Disease....


Wilson's Diease is a very rare, diease, occured due to an  autosomal recessive genetic disorder in which copper accumulates in tissues; this manifests as neurological or psychiatric symptoms and liver disease. It is treated withmedication that reduces copper absorption or removes the excess copper from the body, but occasionally a liver transplant is required.

well here is my story 

My papa had an abnormal birth. He was born after seven months of pregnancy of my grandma. My mom had a normal birth. There is no one in the family of my both papa and mama who has suffered from Wilson’s disease. I don’t know how do I get it. There were two elder brother and sister of mine who died when they were at the age of 7 and 9 years old respectively. I can’t ask about them to my parents because I know now the pathetic condition of my parents then told to me by my aunt then when they lose them. Both of them died without the disease was diagnosed. They both died at an interval of 1 month. When they were ill I was taken away from home. There was my papa’s aunt with whom I used to stay in those days so I didn’t remember anything about my bro and sis. I don’t even remember how they look like still I wonder if I could at least see them and remember them.
Talking about myself, when I was seven years old. I remember I get symptoms of jaundice initially. My parents especially my papa was so worried and my mama so was tensed. They have already lost their two children earlier when they are of my age. I was the only child remained. They loved me so much. Not only my parents since I live in village everyone of the village knew my parents and me. All of them became them became quite tensed. My papa and mama thought that I was caught by jaundice so they took me the vaidhaya ( A doc who used natural medicines to cure diseases). I remember one thing every time my papa took me to him he used to ask me son which taxi you want to travel by I said in loud voice a red one papa. He always took me to vaidhaya in a red taxi only. I used to have a medicine that was like dust of wood. It was too bitter I can still remember that taste. I used to have lots of sugarcane juice in those days. My condition grew serious day by day. I can remember only one thing before I lost conscious. One day I had a sugarcane juice and was sleeping on the bed at that time I vomited all the juice. That’s what I remember before loosing my conscious. Now I have become completely unconscious. I didn’t know anything about what has happened then. I saw a report where there is mentioned that I have a Wilson’s disease, there was mentioned like this,” it is having jaundice for 40 days... pt had fumitory attack once 2 weeks back it is suspects of Wilson’s disease. Since my condition grew serious my parents has finally taken me to hospital, I was then seen by two Nepali doctors. My papa told me according to them my liver has failed and I can’t live anymore. Just after I was admitted to the hospital for two days my papa and mama left the hope that I would survive. The destiny was waiting for me to live my life. On the third day when I was lying unconscious the angel appeared to grant me my life in the form of Doctor Alex Dalzell, he took my case in his hand. He was from USA. He observed my symptoms. According to my papa my angel knew about the Wilson’s disease. He observed my symptoms. I was admitted to Patan Hospital then I was referred to teaching hospital to be sure that I was suffering from Wilson’s disease. The report came positive. Since then I was prescribed of the penicilliame tablet of 250 mg 3 tablets, 10 mg of pyridoxine and vitamin k. I stayed in hospital for 25 days. In those days I remember I used to read one small bible. My voice used to be louder while reading it. There were pictures of Jesus. I always read that book in those days. I still remember whole story, it was all about how Jesus got rebirth after the people killed him in Kruse. I always wanted that book to be with me so after I returned back home I told my papa that I wanted that book, he tried to get that book but he couldn’t get that book. In the course of my treatment Alex became quite close with our family. He was like a god for our family who saved my life. When I was ill the greatest festival of Hindu was close it was Bada Dashain. Whole of the village haven’t celebrated the Dashain that year 2051 B.S (1994 A.D) all the villagers showed their sympathy to my family since I was ill. I was taken back to home on the laxmi puja day of Tihar. It’s the second greatest festival of Hindu. I know what has happened the day before I was discharged. When my papa and mama left the hope of my survival they returned back to home they hadn’t visited me once in the hospital. They went back to hospital just the day before I was about to discharged. On that day I was very angry with my papa and mama, I told them I won’t go back to the home instead I told them I would go to my mama original home. I was angry since they were not with me in the hospital. They never visited me in hospital they had already given up their hope that I would be alive. The next day I returned to home. I saw the marigold flower which I have planted was blooming. I sat on the bed and all the family members sat around me with a smile in their face. Day by day my health was improved. Everyone in the village congratulated me and my family my only papa and mama. All of the family members, relatives became happy. Since my papa is a quite friendly type he has already became close with my angel Alex. He then became close to his family. Now he called my angle and his family to our house. They came, all the villagers welcomed them. We then became quite close with his family. He has a happy family with a wife and two children one daughter and one son. Life was all well since my angle was with me. He left Nepal and went back to his home land America. I know I was 13 years old when my angle left me and went back to his home land. Initially I was started with 3 tabs of penicilliame slowly and gradually the dose was decreased to two tabs for week. I know I had vitamin k till 9 months. There was so much diffcult to get this medicine after 6 months and I have to anyhow take that medicine for 9 months. My papa was so tensed because he didn’t have any idea to get the medicine. The god was helpful he always managed for the medicine anyhow till 9 months. Now my angle left me and went back to his homeland. Now I started committing big mistake. I started having all those diet which was prohibited to have when I became ill. Since I didn’t have any facilities to get information about my disease. And my angle was out of county, I have changed my school in class 4 and as soon as I changed my school I start having all those things which I was prohibited to have. I was a child of 12 years. My school was far from my home nobody knew about me. I continued having those things for 3 years. At that time I used to have two capsules of penicilliame per week only. When I changed my school I topped the class. As soon as my angle went back to his homeland he has started donating for my medicine. He knew our family economic condition was poor. My papa used to work at one and only international airport of Nepal, “Tribhuvan International airport”. He has already finished his provident fund amount in my treatment. My papa bore all the expenses of my medicine till 5 years. In those days I need to have mineral water which cost Rs 20. The penicialllimine capsules cost Rs 40 per capsules . My papa salary was hardly RS 3000 per month. Anyways he managed for my medicine through his provident fund. My angle knew all these things so he started dontaiting for my medicine just after he went back to his homeland. A year after my angle left Nepal my papa was kicked out of the job since he was temporary and at that time Indian airways was hijacked from international airport of Nepal. Because of which my papa along with most of the people who has temporary job were kicked off from their job. At the time my angle left Nepal he has taken water sample of well, tap and my blood for test to his country. He sent the report of that in hospital. We got good news for water. In the report it was mentioned I can drink boiled water but my blood couldn’t be tested. Time passed on, I was a bright student. Well I topped every class up to class 8. My parents were too proud to have me. I know it was beginning of class 7 my voice start to change initially. My parents thought that it’s the sign of adolescent period. My handwriting used to be just like computer type then. I know it. Its been already two years my angle left me and we stooped going to hospital for check up. There was no problem to me. In the initial time of class 7 my voice started to change, my handwriting start degrading slowly and gradually. I didn’t tell anything to my papa since I used to be afraid of him and my mom doesn’t know anything. She is an illiterate so couldn’t tell her anything. Finally the last term of class 7 was started on the last terminal exam of class 7 I have already ruined my handwriting. I couldn’t speak properly. Still I didn’t told anything to my parents, finally result of class 7 was published I have topped the class but all the teachers commented me about my handwriting. They said I need to improve my handwriting. I came to home I told my parents I topped the class. They became quite happy. I am waiting for my next year in this period once my papa had met my Nepali teacher he told everything to my papa about my handwriting. That night my papa came home he asked me I told him I am feeling quite difficult in writing don’t know why. The next day he took me to hospital. I know she was one of the doctors who said that my liver has failed earlier. She took my case she said my dose medicine was low so I am having all these problems. She had done certain test that day she made s wait in the hospital till 5p.m I know until the report came. The result was positive. I was 16 years old then. She initially given me 3 tabs of penicilliame for a week and called me after a week for a check up. I went again after a week she then added one more tabs of penicilliame, zinc acetate solution and a pyrioxidine. I start having medicine as per she said. My body turned to black initially and slowly and gradually the color of my body has start becoming normal. My voice started becoming clear. My handwriting was same it didn’t improved. I don’t know why? I started writing but my hand didn’t move. I have improved a lot on everything and in my handwriting also but still my handwriting becomes like it used to be worst now also if I try to move my hand as normal people do. If I move slowly also I can write clear up to 1 page only and after that the situation is same. Time passed by finally our SLC came after two years I need to prove myself that I was a bright student and I am a bright student. The school arranged a writer for my examination. I gave the exam I topped my batch and became third topper of my batch. All became happy me too. I wanted to study science but since I was unable to write on own I have to do great compromise then I took management. I had a dream of becoming doctor since my childhood but till I am grown up I wanted to become software engineering. Since I start knowing things I was quite interested in computers they really amused me still today my interest is same. I took management and studied computer science then. I have topped my high school in second rank. Again in my final exams writer need to be arranged. Simply because I can write not as a normal student at a normal speed. I am grown up till now; I knew what are good for me and what are bad for me. Knew my weakest part. My life was hopeful till I graduated high school I had a hope that I can improve my handwriting. Still today I have a hope but I don’t know when that day would come. I am student still and dr. Alex Dalzell is still funding for my medicine but I don’t go to hospital because everytime I go to hospital I have to see a different doctor. The doctor who took my case later on is a children doctor. She looked after me for 1 year only and then she referred me to go to the doctor who sees the young doctor. There is a ward in the hospital where young and old patients are look after. I had gone there many times but each time I go there I didn’t find the doctor who has seen me previously. Each time I go there I have to see a different doctor, need to start to tell all the history of my disease. I simply hated that. So nowadays at the interval of 4 months only I go there to take prescription of my medicine come home and continue the same doze 4 capsules of penicilliame, 25mg of pyrodicmine and 7.5 ml of zinc acetate solution. I don’t have any problem except on my writing and sometimes during talking. It’s the story of mine. I always wanted a page like this where I could take my problem so that people around me suggest me what I need to do. I opened my facebook two years back and started searching about this page since then. I had an access to internet since three years only. Still I am trying to get net connection to my home but what to do my economic condition doesn’t allow me to get it. I normally use my mobile to be updated with facebook and my mobile is gifted by my John Ross three years back. It’s Nokia 3110 c. I want to thank John Ross he has paid all the dues of medicine which was there just after the doze of the medicine was increased and Alex didn’t know about it. Now he knows it and he started sending money to the hospital from where I get medicine. John Ross gifted me a laptop four years back. My laptop started getting a lot of problem this year. Still with all compromise and many things I am living my life with a hope that one day I am going to get rid of every problem. I know I can’t never get rid of my disease and take the medicine lifelong but the problems I have because of the disease is awful still doesn’t matter I have a hope that one day I shall make my birth a successful birth. Its my story of disease not only the mixture of how I got Wilson’s disease but a little emotions of myself, my family and people. I hope you didn’t get bored. No matter what problem I have what struggle I have to do, I consider myself as a lucky person in the world.
my name is ashok pandit
age: 22 


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Sign up

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You need to fill the form with the required information.
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This is steps shows your have complete the sign up.



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David's Story for fighting with Wilson's diesease

was born in January 1950. I had an uneventful childhood, moving from place to place. I lived in a cottage by the River Lee and enjoyed the summers fishing and swimming in the river. Time passed by, and in the year 1986 I had my first attack. At that time I was working for a leading electrical wholesaler. I was on the phone and suddenly couldn’t talk or move, although I knew what was happening around me. I was rushed to hospital where the medical staff diagnosed me with having epilepsy.

All was fine for few weeks. I was on medication and had no further attacks. But then the attacks returned one after another, sometimes up to ten times a day, which left me exhausted and depressed. It obviously wasn’t epilepsy, so I was referred to another specialist who went through extensive tests before diagnosing me with Benign Essential Tremor (now known as Essential Tremor) for which I was treated with a course of beta blockers. The attacks became more frequent and my employers not being sympathetic informed me that I was no longer needed. My condition was worsening day by day. I was without a job.

My GP then referred me to the National Hospital for Nervous Diseases and I underwent far more extensive testing. My eyes were checked with a slit lamp after which everybody became excited, Kayser Fleischer rings had been seen which meant that I probably had Wilson’s disease with excessive copper in my body. I thought to myself, ‘how on earth could copper cause all these problems?’

Finally Wilson’s disease was diagnosed and I wasn’t suffering from either epilepsy or Benign Essential Tremor. I was told that I would need to take medication for Wilson’s disease for the rest of my life and was prescribed penicillamine to chelate copper. It later transpired that the dose was too high for me as I was bruising very easily and if I cut myself it took a long time to heal. After an accident once I attended the A&E department at Hospital and was found to have a seriously low platelet count. I was given a transfusion of platelets before having my medication swapped from penicillamine to trientine (which I stayed on until 2009.)

In late August 1988 my health had improved so much that I applied to be an Administrative Assistant working for His Majesty’s Government in the Home Office. As a civil servant I held various positions before settling in the Immigration and Nationality Department, where I stayed until retirement in March 2010.